Pots, Potters, and Models: Archaeological Investigations at the SRI Locus of the West Branch Site, Tucson, Arizona

Pots, Potters, and Models Archaeological Investigations at the SRI Locus of the West Branch Site

By Stephanie M. Whittlesey and Karen G. Harry

Technical Series 80

713 pp. / 8.50 x 11.00 / 2005

Paper (978-1-8794-4278-8)

Price : $65.00

West Branch—a large, dispersed residential settlement located along the Santa Cruz River occupied during the Rincon phase of the Sedentary period between about a.d. 950 and 1100—has been identified as a community of potters who fabricated a range of painted, plain, and red ware ceramics. The research presented in this volume focused on this notion, exploring how pots were made, the ways in which potters carried out their craft, and models for the production and distribution of ceramic containers. Excavations at the SRI locus, one of the most intensively excavated settlements in the Tucson Basin, provided an opportunity to return to a previously excavated site and contribute new evidence for earlier findings. Volume 1, Feature Descriptions, Material Culture, and Specialized Analyses, is provided in CD-ROM format and includes details of fieldwork such as feature descriptions and the descriptive artifactual and subsistence-data reports. Volume 2, Synthesis and Interpretations, presented in book format, offers the results of synthetic and interpretive analyses.


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