SRI Press

Statistical Research Inc., Cultural Resource Management

SRI Press is the publications division of Statistical Research, Inc. (SRI), which was established in 1983 by Deborah L. and Jeffrey H. Altschul to provide a vehicle for creative people to do interesting and exciting work on the human condition. The Altschuls’ vision, and the company’s challenge, is to dependably meet the objectives of clients who must comply with cultural resource laws even as we produce significant anthropological and archaeological research. As such, SRI Press is committed to distributing the results of this research to a wide audience, including professional archaeologists, avocational archaeologists, and general readers. Toward this goal, we maintain two types of publications, SRI Press Books and SRI Technical Series, which are designed to achieve different objectives and reach different readers.


SRI Press Books

In keeping with the company’s mission, SRI Press publications seek to enlighten the public about our common history and shared past. The broad-interest volumes in archaeology, anthropology, history, and ethnography published under SRI Press use the results of our work to open the past to wider audiences. These efforts have resulted in artfully written, graphically rich volumes that encompass a wide range of subject matter. Reviewers have routinely praised the depth and high quality of SRI Press publications. In 2008, SRI Press book Fragile Patterns: The Archaeology of the Western Papaguería, was selected as a Southwest Book of the Year. SRI Press also exhibits Press titles and Technical Series at conferences around the world.


SRI Technical Series

A record of our past work is evident in the award-winning SRI Technical Series, which currently consists of more than 90 numbered volumes. Intended primarily for a professional audience, this series presents the results of our most significant archaeological, historical, ethnographic, and interpretive projects. The projects and the resulting publications have been recognized with praise from our peers and awards from the larger community. For example, Changing River (SRI Technical Series 79) and Life in the Past Lane: The Route 66 Experience (SRI Technical Series 86) were both Southwest Books of the Year selections. In addition, SRI and Pima County were recognized by the Metropolitan Pima Alliance with a Common Ground award for exceptional collaboration in 2010 for the Joints Court Complex Archaeological Project. The project results are published in a four-volume series: Deathways and Lifeways in the American Southwest: Tucson’s Historic Alameda-Stone Cemetery and the Transformation of a Remote Outpost into an Urban City. In recognition of the importance of this series, Left Coast Press has contracted with SRI to publish in tandem with SRI Press a single popular and scholarly volume about the project for nationwide distribution. Some SRI Technical Series titles are out of print; please check our Web site in the future for details on accessing these volumes.