Technical Series by Title (Descending)

Whelan Lake (CA-SDI-6010): A La Jollan Campsite on the Lower San Luis Rey River, San Diego County, California

Author(s) – Rein Vanderpot, Jeffrey H. Altschul, and Donn Grenda
ISBN – 1-879442-38-8
Technical Series 40
222 pp. Perfect Bound.

Price : $25.00


Vanishing River: Landscapes and Lives of the Lower Verde Valley

Like the land through which it flows, northern Arizona’s Verde River has been severely impacted by human activities over the last 1,500 years. This book and an accompanying compact disk tell the story of the river, the land, and the people who once lived there, providing a compelling reconstruction of the river, the land, and landscapes of Hohokam, Sinagua, Yavapai, Western Apache, and Euroamerican peoples.

Price : $85.00


On the Trail to Avikwaame: Results of a Noncollection Class II Cultural Resources Survey of Quien Sabe/Big Maria Terrace

Author(s) – Joseph A. Ezzo

Technical Series 49
Riverside County, California.
322 pp. Coil Bound.


Of Stones and Spirits: Pursuing the Past of Antelope Hill

Author(s) – Joan S. Schneider and Jeffrey H. Altschul
ISBN – 1-879442-76-0
Technical Series 76
288 pp. Perfect Bound.
Includes CD-ROM.

Price : $35.00


From Spanish Land Grants to World War II: An Overview of Historic Resources at the Naval Air Weapons Station, Point Mugu, California

Author(s) – Mark T. Swanson

Technical Series 50
(1994) 122 pp. Perfect Bound.


San Xavier to San Agustin: An Overview of Cultural Resources for the Paseo de las Iglesias Feasibility Study

Author(s) – Scott O’Mack and Eric Eugene Klucas
ISBN – 1-879442-80-9
Technical Series 81
Pima County, Arizona (2004). 243 pp. Perfect Bound

Price : $27.50


The Santa Ana River Hydroelectric System

Author(s) – Mark T. Swanson and David De Vries
ISBN – 1-879442-05-1
Technical Series 47
162 pp. Perfect Bound.

Price : $18.00


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