Technical Series

Deathways and Lifeways in the American Southwest: Tucson

Statistical Research, Inc., has completed four volumes documenting the findings of the Joint Courts Complex Archaeological Project in Tucson, Arizona, one of the largest and most comprehensive excavations of a historical-period cemetery ever undertaken in North America.


Life on the Dunes: Fishing Ritual, and Daily Life at Two Late Period Sites on Vizcaino Point

Author(s) – Brian Fagan, Donn R. Grenda, David Maxwell, Angela H. Keller, and Richard Ciolek-Torrello
ISBN – 1-879442-96-5
Technical Series 88
238 pp. Coil Bound

Price : $20.00


Life in the Past Lane: The Route 66 Experience, Volume 1: Historic and Management Contexts for the Route 66 Corridor in California

Author(s) – Matt C. Bischoff
ISBN – 1-879442-88-4
Technical Series 86
172 pp. Perfect Bound.

Price : $30.00


Fence Lake Project: Archaeological Data Recovery in the New Mexico Transportation Corridor and First Five-Year Permit Area, Fence Lake Coal Mine Project, Catron County, New Mexico

Author(s) – Edgar K. Huber and Carla R. Van West
ISBN – 1-879442-86-8
Technical Series 84
Catron County, New Mexico (2006). approx. 2,000 pp. CD-ROM Only.

Price : $50.00


Ranching, Rails, and Clay: The Development and Demise of the Town of Rincon/Prado

Author(s) – Matthew A. Sterner
ISBN – 1-879442-85-X
Technical Series 83
Riverside County, California (2004). 231 pp. Perfect Bound.

Price : $35.00


Little River: An Overview of Cultural Resources for the R

Author(s) – Scott O’Mack, Scott Thompson, and Eric Eugene Klucas
ISBN – 1-879442-81
Technical Series 82
Pima County, Arizona (2004). 280 pp. Perfect Bound.

Price : $27.50


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