Rivers of Rock: Stories from a Stone-Dry Land: Central Arizona Project Archaeology

Rivers of Rock: Stories from a stone-dry land: Central Arizona Project Archaeology

By Stephanie M. Whittlesey

300 pp. / 8.50 x 11.00 / 2003

Hardcover (978-1-8794-4293-1)

Paper (978-1-8794-4294-8)

Price : $50.00 (hardcover) $35.00 (paper)

Written for a general audience and following in the tradition of the Southwest’s best nature writing, Rivers of Rock portrays the land and people of the region, describing some of the ways people have coped with the scarcity of water over the millennia. Highlighting Arizona’s native peoples and prehistory, it also discusses historical water control, the history of the Central Arizona Project, and the impact of modern water-control projects. The project and the Colorado River that it taps—often called Arizona’s Nile—cross all of the diverse natural regions of the state, providing a transect of its natural and cultural diversity. This book tells the story of how water—the single most precious resource of an arid land—has been controlled and how it has impacted human history in Arizona as we understand it from Central Arizona Project archaeology. It offers a personal view of a timely and important topic, a balanced treatment of water-control issues, and rare glimpses of Arizona’s extraordinary land and peoples.


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